If you are English speaker, It might be difficult to you to write or say star in other languages. For the reason, you can see the below mentioned words used for stars. But I have mentioned few of them, there are many others.

How to Say Star in French

The word “étoile” is used in French Language for Star. It sounds like “etual”. This is just like we speak “equal in English”. Only you have to replace the letter “q” with “t”.

How to Say Star in Spanish

In Spanish, The word “Estrella” is used for “Star” and when i listen this on google. It sounds me like “Estreya”. I have also find different names for star in Spanish like estrella, astro, asterisco, figura destacada

How to Say Star in Italian

The Italians used a word “Stella” for Star. It sounds like “stay la”. This is a romantic language and you love when you listen different common words in Italian if you are English speaker.

How to Say Star in Russian

If you are English speaker. It might be difficult for you when I ask you to write the word “star” in Russian Language. Because you have to write it like “звезда” and when I try to listen the sound of this word. I fail it to pronounce. So I am not writing here.

How to Say Star in Hindi

The hindi word सितारा is used for Star which sounds like “sitaara”. Now here is an interesting thing. When you type this hindi word in google. You will see the images of Bollywood celebrities and superstar. Because Indians mostly used this words for celebrities. When you speak this word in front of an Indian, The first thing might be come in their mind is Shahrukh Khan. Instead of the star on the sky.

How to Say Star in Persian

The word “ستاره “ is used in Persian for Star. It is pronounced like “sitara” the same is used in Urdu language. Like this word, there are many words in Urdu Language which comes from other languages like Persian, Farsi, Hindi, Arabic etc. Basically Urdu is a mixture of different languages.

Some easy words for star in other languages are mentioned below.

How to Say Star in Dutch

It is very easy to say star in Dutch language because the word for star is “ster”. As you can see, just replace “a” with “e” and nothing.

How to Say Star in Romanian

The Romanians used “Stea” for Star and it sounds me like “Staa”. So it is very easy for me to write and speak.

Star in Albanian

I think the shortest name of star is in Albanian language. It is just “yll” and nothing else. When you listen its sound in google translate. You will hear a robotic voice saying something that you cant understand.

I have also search some languages in which The word star is very strange. I was not expecting. But I have mentioned only one.

Star in IGBO

In Igbo, the word used for star is kpakpando.

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