Huge Essential Cyberpunk 2077 Tips You Need To Know

Night City

This experience night city is a vast and immersive open world with just so many activity stories quests and customization options you’ll be helping the ncpd by taking care of illegal activity scanning wanted criminals and eliminating them doing jobs for fixers discovering loot stashes into terminals completing quests for pivotal story characters buying unique makes and models of vehicles taking part in challenging mini-games and making decisions that will decide who v becomes in night city the dystopian dark future you can be the a-hole self-serving merc that nobody likes the merc with a mouth or you can be the nice helpful v who everyone relies on whether you’re watching this now or in say six months there’s a lot about cyberpunk 2077 that may appear as overwhelming or features that confuse you so i want to break down some of the key aspects, of course, this will be spoiler-free no spoilers as i think everyone deserves and should experience this game.

Side Jobs

Especially story arcs of characters that you meet as that will ultimately impact how all of this comes together and also i mean some of the side jobs are arguably more interesting emotional and intriguing than the main quest line you can run through cyberpunk 2077 in 20 hours or so but doing so you miss out on a lot of the key story content and choices that you could have had in my opinion this is a game that you really should not rush through so please do the Cyberpunk 2077 side jobs native gamer as actually i think that label really understates the importance of some of that content that branches into the main narrative now at the beginning of cyberpunk 2077.

Life Path

You either can be a corpo nomad or street kid after about 60 hours of playing at the time of recording this i can say with certainty that your background decides a lot of course the opening of the game is different but how characters view you and the dialogue options that you have available will also differ being an outsider of night city as a nomad has its advantages especially when dealing with the Maldonado’s clan and the badlands being a street kid you understand the streets a whole lot better having.

Established Relationships

Already with some of night city’s gangs like the Valentinos being a corpo you’ve lived a life among those in control of everything and you have key insight into their thinking in the early hours of cyberpunk 2077 you are locked into Watson this is more of the tutorial part of the game trying to leave will, unfortunately, have you being sent back so don’t bother trying to explore night city until you’ve completed the prologue section of the game.

Eyes hairstyles skin

It is pretty cool all the customization options that you have in the character creator like being able to change your teeth beard makeup ears eyes hairstyles skin tone and lower body parts and the grand scheme of things your appearance does not really factor much into the game you will see v on a motorbike in third person during some special moments when you utilize the game’s photo mode and through an occasional mirror but that’s about it as the nativegamer is played from the first-person perspective for a more personal connection that cdpr wants you to have with night city and the characters that inhabit the many districts within it your appearance does not ever come up in conversation.

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