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Right Information and Facts about Light

Light is a form of energy and move in waves. The main source of light is the sun. It is very important for us for vision. We cannot see things without light. It is made up with photons which is a flow of small particles of energy. Speed of light is highest. It travels at a speed of 186,252 miles per second.

During thunder storm, We see the flash light first and then hear the sound. It means it travel faster than the sound.
Sunlight takes 8 min and 20 sec to reach earth. The distance of sun from our planet is 14,96,000 kms.

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Light has ability to go through space. Only in the presence of light, we can see the different colors. Otherwise it will be dark.

Other sources of light are bold, flame, fire. Light travels from these sources.
Sun is the powerful source of light and heat. But it is so bright and we can not see the sun directly, it could be dangerous for our skin and eyes.

The people who has weak eyesight, They use glasses to correct their vision. How it works? It changes the speed of light because when light passes from glass, the rays bend and gives clear vision.
Light has Ultraviolet rays which is very dangerous for our skin. It can burn the skin and may cause skin cancer. Our eyes have no ability to see ultraviolet light but some of birds, lizards and bees can pick this light.

Sunlight has many benefits in our life. It helps plants to grow and produce food by process of photosynthesis. Plants produce oxygen which is essential for our life.
Our body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D. It reduces anxiety and stress, gives us energy, give a boost to our immune system, decrease sadness and increase happiness from our lives.

Sunlight will not present all the day so human made artificial light which increase Our productivity level. Before that our productivity level was limited. Artificial light is now available 24 hours in homes and offices. Now we can work 24 hours in morning or night.

Every year 3000 people killed due to lightning in thunder storms. In Storms, try to stay in homes, lightning is dangerous. Every year, In USA Empire state building stuck by lightning 25 times. A lightning bolt have power of 80 million car batteries.

There are two types of lightning, positive strikes and negative strikes. A positive strike has 5 times more power than negative strike.
You can light a 100 watts bulb for 90 days with a single lightning strike. Lightning can strike the same location by many times.

At last we have mentioned the different names of light in the different languages.
licht in Dutch
lumière in French
φως (fos) in Greek
легкий (legkiy) in Russian
ligero in Spanish

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